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Comic 59 - 31 - Instant Karma.

10th Aug 2012, 11:00 AM in Regular Strips
31 - Instant Karma.
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MaGnUs 10th Aug 2012, 11:00 AM edit delete
Another recent situation, that also comes with a narration of its own (I had written this the day it happened):

"Do you believe in karma? I wasn't sure... until today. (Warning, this is a pretty disgusting tale.)

I'm at the bus stop, waiting for my ride to work, and I needed some breakfast. So I walk into a minimarket, and buy a juice box and a big ham and cheese filled croissant. I exit the market, start eating my croissant, and not four bites into it, and I get crapped on by a pigeon. Or maybe it was a bloody pterodactyl or a roc, because the CRAP WAS EVERYWHERE!!!! Green, black and white, liquid, stinky. It was all over my right hand (holding the croissant), my jacket, my sweater, my backpack... AND MY CROISSANT!!!!! MY CROISSANT!!!! Half of it was probably still inside the wrapper, but I wasn't risking it, I threw the whole thing in the garbage, and started fishing around in my backpack (with my un-crapped hand) for paper, plastic bags, anything to wipe the birdshit out of my right hand and clothes. After I (mostly) cleaned up, I went into a bar and asked to use the restroom to wash my hands.

Where does karma figure into this? Right before I entered the minimarket, I saw the sorriest-ass pigeon in the world. Skinny, filthy, wet (it's raining), walking with a (more than normal) wobble... and I remembered the whole warning about pigeons being "flying rats", and thought "Man, this is the best example of that." I'm not saying it was the same pigeon that crapped on me... but karma... it's a female dog, apparently."

I've chosen The Clash's song "Spanish Bombs", which has nothing to do with pigeons or karma, it's about the Spanish Civil War; but I was looking for songs with the word "bomb" in their name, and this one I like a lot. Here's a nice live version: