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Comic 249 - 159 - Hands Free.

17th Jun 2016, 11:00 AM in Regular Strips
159 - Hands Free.
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Author Notes:

MaGnUs 17th Jun 2016, 11:00 AM edit delete
Yes, I know we promised to be back with the regular strips last week, but there were some technical issues. We should (I'd better not make any promises) be back on track now. Fun story related to this strip: back around the time it takes place, I worked at that business and technology park, where they try to create a sort of community feel, to make everybody feel more at home. Basically, it's because it's in the outskirts of the city, and between commute and long work hours, you end up spending half your day there, or going there. You've got shops, restaurants, everything, as well as (obviously) the offices for the different companies located there.

But they also organize contests, music festivals, culture fairs, and other events like that, in their attempt to foster that sense of community. Among the things they do towards that end, is put out a quarterly magazine, with articles, news items, and of course, society pages with pictures of all the cool people at the aforementioned events. Another section of the magazine is one where they'll interview someone who works at one of the park's companies, usually about their activities outside their dayjob, like say, someone who is also a musician.

And in 2012 they ended up interviewing me about my comics work, and one thing lead to another... and the magazine editor actually asked me and Taibox to do a "Life In The Park" strip for the magazine. We did one strip (up to pencils with letters), which was rejected by the park's marketing department because it emphasized how far in the outskirts of the city the park is (it is). Then, I wrote five more scripts for approval (including a Cortazar homage), which were all well-received. Yet the project never got off the ground, for reasons having nothing to do with the quality of our work, but a lot to do with the marketing suits' whims (yet still not regarding our work in and on itself).

Basically, the company I worked for was threatening to move out of the park those days, and the park's board did not want someone working at the magazine who was associated with that company if they did move out (they didn't). It didn't matter that I was using my pen name, that Taibox didn't work at the park at all, or that the rest of the magazine didn't work there either. We still got paid, so at least it wasn't wasted time.

Music this week is 1987, by Juan Campodónico, or rather, his pseudo-solist project Campo, featuring Jorge Drexler, from the album also named Campo: