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Comic 243 - 154 - The Way Of The Dragon.

26th Feb 2016, 11:00 AM in Regular Strips
154 - The Way Of The Dragon.
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Author Notes:

MaGnUs 26th Feb 2016, 11:00 AM edit delete
Yes, I do still own the toy dragon. I moved less than a year ago and haven't unpacked my toys yet, but I searched for this one in order to get good pictures for Taibox to reference (as I couldn't find any similar toy dragons online). I've loved fantasy and dragons my whole life, but I'm not obsessed with them... I mean, the tattoo does mean something more than just a literal dragon, and while Dungeons & Dragons was my first roleplaying game, it's not the one I enjoy the more (though it's in my top five). In fiction, I've moved away from pure fantasy into science fiction and science fantasy, space opera; though I do enjoy the ocassional sword and magic romp (but not necessarily in medieval-style settings).

Music this week is from the Chipmunk's 1980 album "Chipmunk Punk", and it's Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". I basically chose it because I also own that vinyl album. Coincidentally, I'm writing this from my wife's computer, where the file I use for these texts last had been used in 2014, and the song was another Queen one: