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Comic 170 - 108 - Danger Zone.

22nd Aug 2014, 11:00 AM in Regular Strips
108 - Danger Zone.
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Author Notes:

MaGnUs 22nd Aug 2014, 11:00 AM edit delete
LUUUUUCHAAAAAA!!! Man, that was an awesome year! You see, wrestling in my country has always been (except for a couple of years back in the 60s or 70s) something you only got on TV from Argentina, the US, etc. But in 2005, there was a single-season (sadly) local wrestling show called Gladiadores del Ring (Ring Gladiators), and since I knew one of the creators, and befriended the other, I was invited to all the tapings. They taped shows once a month, about four episodes in a day, and due to time constraints, I only attended the two tapings in the morning. Thus, I can be seen in about half of the aired shows.

I even got to interview the wrestlers (most of them were from Argentina, hence taping once a month, and some played more than one masked character) for my radio show, leading to bizarre situations such as interviewing one character badmouthing another one, while changing into the outfit of the character being badmouthed. Also, the two wrestlers shown in this strip, Rogelio el Plancha (the flying kick dude) and Supersoldado (now Supercommando, in the balaclava, and one of the few Uruguayan wrestlers in the show), and Pino Capra, the ref, visited the kindergarten for undepriviliged kids where my wife works, in costume, to put a smile on the kids faces and tell them that only trained fighters could do what they did, and only in the ring (the kids were smacking the crap out of each other after seeing them on TV).

I'd like to give a shout out to the Rotterdam crew, a group of friends that met every Saturday by the ringside, right where I'm sitting on the strip. On occasion, we'd be displaced from our spot (we ended up sitting on the floor, off-set, but we still got filmed because we had placards, masks, and flags) to let kids sit close to the ring. I'm glad that wasn't one of those ays...

You can find some of the wrestling matches and character music clips on this Youtube search.

Music this week is from The Chemical Brother's 2005 album "Push The Button", and the song is called "The Boxer". Yeah, I know, not "The Wrestler", but it fits: