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Welcome to "My Life Without A Jetpack"! This is a weekly strip written by MaGnUs, and it's autobiographic, comprised of stuff that happened in his life, told humorously. Taibox is in charge of the art and color, while MaGnUs letters the strips. Mindy Lopkin occasionally takes on coloring duties. To read the strips from the begining, just go to the "Regular Strips" section and enjoy.

Apart from the regular strip, there are three more sections. One is the guest art section, with pinups and other pieces done by friends and colleagues, the second one is the other filler and guest strips area, with individual guest strips or announcements and special art me we might post; while the third, and most important extra section is "My Life With A Jetpack", that occasionally pops up as a fill-in. "... With A Jetpack" happens in a fictitious universe in which MaGnUs, well, does have a jetpack, with stories drawn and co-plotted by guest comic artists, co-plotted and scripted by MaGnUs.

Monetary collaborations through the upper left corner Paypal button are welcome, and you can like our Facebook page.Thank you for your attention!